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Copyright & Trademark

Protecting intellectual property from unauthorized use or infringement can be a complicated matter.  Although copyright protection is governed by Federal Copyright Law, there are common situations in which State Law can intersect, such as with licensing the use of protected material. Trademark protection can also be governed by both Federal and State Law as well.
While the focus of Copyright Law is the expression of an original idea, Trademark Law applies to the first use of a mark that is associated with a product or service.  In business, copyrights and trademarks can intersect.  In other words, a copyrighted design can also serve as a trademark.
The attorneys at LM&H are well versed in the nuances of intellectual property law and can provide much needed insight into the intersecting nuances between different forms of intellectual property protection.  If litigation is necessary, our lawyers are experienced litigators in both California State and Federal Courts.
Whether you would like to discuss protection of intellectual property at the moment of creation, or need representation in a lawsuit, LM&H can skillfully analyze, breakdown and guide you through the intellectual property maze.
Contact LM&H for a comprehensive review and assessment of your particular situation.

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